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t was the late 50’s and designer Chuck Jordan of GM had caught a glimpse of the latest from Chrysler. Low, long and finned to the 9’s. The new design philosophy was going to break car design away from the 50’s tall and stubby look which had carried in from the late 40’s. Chuck quickly adapted the styling to the 1959-1960 Cadillac. And as the platform sharing of the B body to the Oldsmobile 88 it also inherited the low, long and wide look. Truly a beautiful car it was a great mix of 50’s bold and 60’s size. The beautiful example here was purchased our of Rockford, Illinois in 2009 from the original family. From there car was taken to Northern Sport Classics for what would take 10 years and a $250,000 restoration. Starting with the black on tuxedo black/white interior super 88 the car was disassembled down to a bare frame. We have a comprehensive file of photos showing the entire path to what you see today. Slight modifications to the bodywork to give a real custom look we’re done to the headlights, rear bumper section and more. From there the car was treated 8 coats or paint to execute on the beautiful mix of Pagan Gold and Brandywine metallic paint. The depth goes for days on this paint. The original Old V8 and hydra magic transmission were swapped out for a very healthy and fully rebuilt 1997 Chevrolet Vortech V8 with GM 700R 4 speed auto transmission. Put your foot in it and it moves with spirit and poise. The suspension and chassis is all new with air suspension with separate compressor and individual corner shock adjustment to get the stance just right. All the chrome completely new and finished off with the most gorgeous set of Kelsey Hays 56 spoke wheels and white wall tires. Load the kids in and drop the windows for an amazing experience on a Sunday evening for some Ice Cream or a Burger and Fries. The custom Full white interior gives you space days and Modern classic radio with Bluetooth ensure the soundtrack will always match the moment. A beautiful representation of American design and artistry.