The XJ220 is a car that has gone mostly unnoticed over the last 28 years. A car built on the passion of Jaguar Engineers who wanted to express their version of a hypercar. The plan was simple. To make it the fastest car in the world. Engineers go the green light to build a concept car for 1988. The car would be unveiled to the world with a V12 and all-wheel drive. Customers came running with deposits and that pushed the Jaguar XJ220 into production. With a planned 350 cars to be made, the process of a concept car to production car started. What Jaguar didn’t share is that in order to achieve the benchmark of 220mph they delivered a very different car to the concept. In fact, only the look of the car remained. The production car and concept car shared nothing. Built-in conjunction with TWR who successfully ran Jaguars to victory at LeMans were contracted to design and build a lightweight V6TT power plant with a standard 5-speed manual gearbox. The price in 1993 was a mega 480,000 pounds. The deposit holders were outraged. So much so that virtually all backed out. So much so that Jaguar sued all of them. So much so that they all ended up in an airplane hangar. 

Over the years support of the XJ220 dwindled at dealers, lack of understanding, and lack of interior had owners looking for a place to look after and maintain the hypercar. In comes Don Law Racing who essentially owns the XJ220 today! A cottage business in the United Kingdom dedicated to the health and we-being of the XJ220.

Chassis 220688 is as special as they come. Delivered new in Malta in 1996 it left the factory in LeMans Blue over smoked grey Leather. It would sell into the middle east in the early 2000’s and eventually land with a massive collector in Dubai. In 2016 the car was sent to Don Law XJ220 where it underwent a full recommission. The recommission would be in the spirit of Pre-Production car # 004 which is the car that did the famed 217 mph. What made 004 so special? It was finished in a custom one-off Spa Silver and was modified by Jaguar which boasted another 40hp. Between 2016 and 2017 our XJ underwent the full change which included the full body off restoration and paint change. Full service including new bladders and major service. And finally, the same performance upgrade that Jaguar gave 004. A concours condition and mechanically exceptional example.

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