Where can I get a Nissan GTR to drive in Toronto?

For nearly a decade, the Nissan GT-R has remained one of the most high-tech sports cars in the world. It is a great choice for the car shoppers who truly have a need for speed. While the GT-R is known for its thrilling performance on the track, it is also comfortable enough to be driven on a daily basis. Furthermore, an advanced AWD system enables the GTR to overcome snowy road conditions. Have you been wondering where you can get a Nissan GTR to drive in Toronto? Then how about you get in touch with our professional team at Pfaff Reserve today. In this article by Pfaff Reserve, we will be talking about some of the features of the Nissan GTR, and why you should consider driving this performance car around Toronto.

Very powerful and hand-built engine

Under the hood of the Nissan GTR sits a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. Nissan has tuned it to develop even more power than before. It now kicks out a monstrous 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. A 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds puts the new GT-R in an elite class of sports cars.

Great handling on the Nissan GTR

In terms of handling, only a few cars in the world can outperform the GTR. A cutting-edge traction control system helps the speedy coupe to obtain a tight grip against the pavement. All versions of the GTR benefit from adjustable shock absorbers. Whether you are enjoying a weekend drive through the mountains or competing on the track, the GTR will always inspire a great deal of confidence. Great handling is especially beneficial when you are driving your Nissan GTR through the streets of Toronto.

The Nissan GTR has comfortable interior

The Nissan GTR has some of the most comfortable seats in the sports car world. They provide just the right amount of support. You will be able to take a long trip without becoming annoyed. Noise-cancellation technology helps eliminate any extra road noise. Hand-stitched leather upholstery is optional.

The Nissan GTR is a unique sports car

The Nissan GTR is not the type of car that you see everyday. For good reason, true car fans immediately get excited when they spot a GTR on the street. While the GTR is not the most exotic-looking sports car on the market, it does demand a great deal of attention on the road. It is the perfect choice for the drivers who like to stand out from the crowd.


Finding a Nissan GTR to drive in Toronto is easier than you think. All you need to do is get in touch with our professional team at Pfaff Reserve. We will search through our worldly database to find you the Nissan GTR of your dreams. Continue browsing through our website for more information about our services at Pfaff Reserve. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.