Benefits of luxury cars on consignment

There are plenty of benefits to luxury cars on consignment. Consignment simplifies the selling experience. Our knowledgeable team can get your luxury car in front of the proper audience. We are fully immersed in the performance car industry and have the passion and expertise to market your vehicle correctly to our international network. You can be sure we’ll get you the right value for your luxury car on consignment. Throughout the process, we’ll be in constant communication discussing research, photoshoots, and transportation arrangements from Toronto.


You can trust Pfaff Reserve to present your luxury car with the utmost honesty and detail to find the right buyer. We have an award-winning media team that will showcase your consignment at the highest level. With consignment, the entire sales process is handled, and you avoid all the negatives that can come with a private sale. Pfaff Reserve will stay in constant communication with until your luxury car is sold.


Security and peace of mind come along with consignment. Selling privately can put you in a precarious position by giving out your address, and having multiple suitors coming to your Toronto home to test drive the vehicle. This process invades your privacy and puts you at risk of theft. Private sales also typically result in lower price point compared to a dealership that can have a retail price on your luxury car.

Hassle Free

Another added benefit to consignment with Pfaff Reserve, is that we can provide finance packages that possible buyers find appealing. The biggest benefit to the consignment process compared to private sale is avoiding all the negotiating and paperwork. We handle all test drives, buyer inquiries and sales paperwork. This saves you time and ensures all details will be taken care of in precise and professional way.

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Pfaff Reserve is a one-stop destination for Toronto residents looking to learn more about the benefits of luxury cars on consignment. Our facility is located just outside the city at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, ON. We look forward to welcoming you into our automotive family!

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