The script for super-sedans generally follows a pretty predictable arc: manufacturer introduces hot, race-inspired model in order to give its luxury sedan customers something to step up to, or sho...Read More

Supercar for Sportscar Money Brian Davies, Sales Manager, Pfaff Reserve Calgary I was working for the local Ferrari dealership at the time when the 12C first came out and in turn, McLaren bursted ...Read More

A True Lamborghini Since Audi came onto the scene in 1998 by acquiring Lamborghini, we have seen an explosion of amazing cars – from SV’s to the all-mighty Aventador. Included on this long lis...Read More

Just over 5 years. That’s how long it took. Scouring Auto Trader, Kijiji, Google, everywhere in the western hemisphere…and finally, we found it! This is only the second Porsche 997 C2 GTS 6-sp...Read More

The Drivers View Laurance Yap, Creative Director, Pfaff Automotive Partners Expectation can be a dangerous thing. The Porsche Carrera GT is, in concept at least, 20 years old now: Walter Rorhl fir...Read More

A car’s steering wheel is far more than a functional tool; it’s a window into the philosophy of its maker. In the grand scheme of a car, its steering wheel seems like a fall, fairly inconseque...Read More

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