Sell your car with Pfaff Reserve.

Pfaff Reserve’s dedicated team have decades of industry experience, detailed technical knowledge, and access to exactly the right audience for your luxury, exotic, or collector car. We are fully immersed in the performance car world, and have the passion and experience to market your car to our international network.

Contact us today, and we will discuss the specifics of your car and gather the information needed to properly market it, and arrive at a reasonable market value. This includes condition, provenance, racing or awards history.

Once you complete a seller’s agreement, we will be in touch to discuss research, photography, and transportation arrangements.

We will present your vehicle with the utmost honesty and detail, leaving our buyers with no questions when they inquire about purchasing. Our award-winning photographers and writing team will showcase your consignment to its fullest potential.

After you have consigned your vehicle with Pfaff Reserve, you can expect that we will stay in constant contact until your vehicle sells.

Let Pfaff Reserve make selling your car easy and seamless, while you sit back and enjoy the results.

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