Why drive a Lamborghini in Vancouver

“Man if only I had that car I’d be tearing up the streets!” is what some people would say. Practicality doesn’t really enter our minds when we see beautiful exotic supercars driving around. And why would it, they weren’t made to be practical. They were made to be the most incredible machines on four wheels. But what is it really like to drive one? If you have been asking yourself why you should drive a Lamborghini in Vancouver, then maybe this article by Pfaff Reserve can help! We can get you behind the wheel of the Lamborghini of your dreams!

Let’s take a look at some of the features of a Lamborghini Huracan!

Experience the emotion

Top performance, but also maximum comfort: thanks to Lamborghini’s ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence MAnagement) technology, the Huracán can meet all of your driving needs. Each single part recalibrates to provide a driving experience like no other.  By choosing the STRADA setting, you can drive with comfort and maximum grip, perfect for both day-to-day use as well as longer journeys. If you are looking for thrills and fun while driving, then you will appreciate the slight oversteer capabilities of the SPORT setting. On the other hand, to enjoy a racing-style drive, top performance will be delivered by the CORSA setting, which allows the Huracán Coupé to fully express its incredible potential.

Exterior design

The Huracán Coupé’s exterior: form follows function, guaranteeing Lamborghini’s stylistic purity and performance, so it comes as no surprise that the design is inspired by something as essential as a carbon atom. From hexagons to streamlined Y’s, each of the Huracán’s lines is designed to cut through the air and take your breath away. A sporty and dynamic look, both innovative and unmistakably Lamborghini, built to intensify your emotions.

Interior design

Luxury meets the spirit of Lamborghini inside the Huracán. Sporty yet elegant, it was developed to provide all the space and comfort you need. A large 12.3” TFT instrument panel, controls integrated in the steering wheel, perfectly contoured sports seats and a center console puts all the controls at your fingertips. Every detail is designed to make your driving experience natural and involving, all with the highest quality finish throughout.


Lightweight, compact and with an unmistakable sound thanks to its long-stroke architecture, the naturally aspirated 90° V-10 engine in the Huracán Coupé was designed to dazzle. What’s more, it offers injection technology which for the first time on a V-10 engine combines multi-point injection with IDS (Iniezione Diretta Stratificata) stratified injection: depending on the driving conditions, the two systems are used at the same time or alternatively, thus offering the advantages of both in terms of improved efficiency and performance.

So, why should you drive a Lamborghini in Vancouver? Aside from reading this article about the features of the Lamborghini Huracan, the only other thing left to do is visit Pfaff Reserve! We can find you the Lamborghini of your dreams! Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.