Exotic Vehicle Consignment

Handing over your prized position into the charge of someone else may seem like a hard, and gut-wrenching parting, but with Pfaff Reserve, you can be sure your rare and precious automotive is in trusted and knowing hands. Toronto residents looking to sell their exotic vehicle on consignment, or find high-end cars for purchase, should seek us out at Pfaff Reserve because we offer extensive market knowledge and technical experience, backed by an international network of buyers and sellers, to provide you with the best and most comprehensive services on the market.

Find Your Car

Visiting Pfaff Reserve means coming to Canada’s leading destination for high-end pre-owned, late models and vintage vehicles. Our sophisticated services are tailored to the needs of our clientele, as we have cultivated meaningful relationships with customers not only in Canada but across the globe. We offer flexible purchasing and leasing options to accommodate customers who enjoy the flexibility of changing their vehicles often.

Closed-end leasing, vehicle guarantees, consignment, and many other options are open to you when you work with us to find a car of your dreams. Our passionate and technically knowledgeable team scour the world to find the best vehicles to bring right to your doorstep.

Sell Your Car

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, and extensive knowledge of the exotic car market, Pfaff has created a high-end clientele base across the world. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your luxury, exotic, or collector car, our team at Pfaff Reserve has the knowledge and skill to find your grandiose vehicle the home it deserves, while offering you the best deal to do so. Our international network will be put to your disposal once you relinquish the keys to us so we can find a fair market value depending on condition, provenance, and racing or award history!

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Whether you are interested in our exotic vehicle consignment to find your dream car or to hand over your automotive masterpiece to us, Pfaff Reserve is eager to help. Toronto residents interested in our expert knowledge and services should look to our facility to have all of their needs met, as we are located at 101 Auto Park Circle, in Woodbridge.

Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information, or to fill out our contact form for further assistance.