Find exotic car consignment in Calgary

Interested in upgrading to a new model year of your vehicle, or have you been looking to sell or consign your specific vehicle or other luxury vehicles? Trust Pfaff Reserve to market your luxury vehicle aggressively to not only get you buyers, but get you into your new exotic car faster! Pfaff Reserve’s dedicated team have decades of industry experience, detailed technical knowledge, and access to exactly the right audience for your luxury, exotic, or collector car. We are fully immersed in the performance car world, and have the passion and experience to market your car to our international network.

Why choose Pfaff Reserve?

We have helped hundreds of clients sell their vehicles. Consigning your vehicle with us in Calgary also comes with plenty of benefits, including providing potential buyers with great financing & leasing options as well as incentives to use the sale of your consignment vehicle as tax credits towards the purchase of another vehicle through us.

How can you get your vehicle sold?

Incredible exposure with unbeatable marketing. We already demand attention with our continuously changing inventory of world-class exotic and luxury vehicles. Whether it’s Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren, Maserati, Audi, or Porsche, your vehicle will be surrounded by the best the automotive industry has to offer. Our marketing team includes beautiful photos with eloquent descriptions and vehicle details on all of the inventory listings that we feature. We also have the reach necessary to utilize the most popular thousands of potential buyers each and every week.

Who can assist you with exotic car consignment?

Knowledgeable luxury sales, financing, and marketing specialists. We take care of the details. From start to finish, the entire sales transaction is handled by our team of specialists. In addition to marketing and advertising your vehicle for you, we provide the support of our educated sales team, the availability of warranties and certification, as well as fully serviced financing options for any prospective buyer. Clients wishing to upgrade their vehicle to one in our inventory, are able to do so with special in-house purchasing benefits.

For exotic car consignment in Calgary, there is only one place to choose, and that’s Pfaff Reserve! For more information about car consignment in Calgary, we recommend that you continue to browse through our website. Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.