What is it like to drive a Maserati in Calgary?

Maserati is the cream of the crop, a luxury automobile even among luxury automobiles. But this Italian sports car isn’t just known for looking pretty, it also has some of the best performance stats of any passenger vehicle. That seems natural since the company was started as a producer of racing cars. Have you been wondering what it could be like to drive a Maserati in Calgary? Maybe you are looking for where you can find one to drive? Pfaff Reserve is here for you! Buying cars on consignment is a great idea for supercar and luxury car enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why someone would want to buy a Maserati to drive in Calgary.

Experience the beautiful design

Maserati has the beauty to match its exclusivity, making it a truly exceptional investment. The Maserati looks different from anything you’ll see on the road, and its glamour and sophistication are obvious at a glance. You’ll feel like a celebrity driving a Maserati because everywhere you go, people will be asking to take photos with your car. The inside of a Maserati is just as beautiful as the outside. Some interior features include high-grade leather upholstery, real wood trim, wraparound seats, large touch screen displays, aluminum details, ergonomic controls, adjustable pedals, premium audio system and much more. No matter what Maserati you buy, you will enjoy cutting-edge features that make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.

Experience the impressive performance

A Maserati doesn’t just go fast; it also performs well. For example, the 2014 Ghibli has a double-wishbone front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, a four-wheel independent suspension, a front and rear stabilizer bar and performance tires to ensure a smooth ride even when driving at top speeds. What’s nice about Maserati is that no matter what model you buy, you are getting a “performance” version when compared to other vehicles on the market. You can just as easily put pedal to the metal at the track on the weekends as you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride on your way to the office every day.

Drive a piece of history

Maserati was founded in 1914, but the company didn’t start producing vehicles until 1932 since its founders were called upon to serve in World War I. The company just celebrated its 100th anniversary, and that entire century was marked by automotive excellence. When you buy a Maserati made in 2015, you aren’t just buying the latest technology and the most sophisticated design. You are buying the 100 years of innovation that led up to its creation. With every Maserati you own, you are getting all the history that came before it.

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