Words from Jimmy Vervitas
Well, here we are. Another year to tag onto my tally of 43. Nothing could have prepared us for the year that was, and it's tough to find the words to describe 2020. In the world of car culture that we live in, it was a bittersweet year.  
Heading into 2020, Pfaff Reserve's fourth, our budgets were set and we were pumped to deliver. We had a lot of great things lined up including the release of our first Pfaff Reserve short film, our popular open house – which we would have done twice this summer – our annual trip to Monterey, and more. But then there was C19. What sounded like a name for an exotic new car brought a dramatic halt to everything. When the first closures happened back in March, it was clear something more important than cars was happening around the world.
I have to commend our entire team for keeping their heads straight during this difficult time and how quickly we were able to adapt to life with COVID-19.  
While doing our jobs is a blessing all its own, we obviously braced for what looked to be a very tough year. But, one thing we had on our side was that the spirit of motoring is, first and foremost, an individual experience; it’s a bond between car and driver; something that nets the best result when doing it on your own. For many of us, driving was a clear answer to the question of how to enjoy the summer.  
I, for one, reconnected with my cars during 2020 – doing something that I haven’t done since my early 30’s, which is go for drives. By literally getting in the car and driving nowhere, with the music playing and singing every lyric,  there was no risk of FOMO. There's something blissful about having nowhere else to be, and being able to be right where you are.
Our client base clearly felt a similar attachment to their automobiles during these strange times. While keeping within their close-knit bubbles, an outlet for enjoyment was needed, we were completely blessed to be part of that. We were able to connect some beautiful vehicles with clients – adapting our services to meet their tastes.
Summer brought on one of the best heatwaves I’ve experienced in the GTA for the longest time. I’m a fan of heatwaves, as nothing feels better than room temperature at night for me. Restrictions opened up a little, and time with close friends and family was amazing, and so appreciated.  Being in the now was easier because, literally, not much else was going on. It was a forced relaxation but appreciated nonetheless.  
The store was also booming. Nothing record-breaking, but the spirit of motoring was obviously an outlet for many like me. More attention was paid to driver's cars, and cars that represent the best of in a lot of cases. Some of our highlights were finally getting a Pagani into the GTA, with the re-sale of the only Huayra Coupe in Canada; and acquiring and selling three wonderful Carrera GTs within Canada.
Some beautiful Ferraris passed through our hands as well, including a few late-model gated-shift cars, the beloved 458, and a Speciale in there as well. We also brought some of the most colorful paint-to-sample 911s to market, along with a few notable CXX cars.
One of the most exciting areas and likely because it feels most in-reach for me, was our modern classic sports car business. E46 and E92 M3 business heated up, and we managed to grab a few strong cars, so hard to come by, but so appreciated. After one of the longest searches in our history, we finally landed a 997 C2 GTS, one of many prime 997 pieces we brought to market.

2020 was also the first full year with both Pfaff Reserve Vancouver and Calgary in operation. More locations around Canada made it easy to deliver the cars to new owners across the country; we feel a movement growing, and there is so much more great to come from those 2 operations.

Another thing that got rolling in 2020 was our ai-cooled 911 business in Toronto. We brought some notable air-cooled 911s to market, ranging from a 1973 911 T, all the way to a 993 Turbo. And, with so much talent at Pfaff Tuning, we couldn’t help but start commissioning some of our own 911 builds, with two very special pieces being prepared for the spring market in 2021.  Our search for more prominent air-cooled machines continues. 

In closing, a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Pfaff Reserve and Pfaff Tuning in 2020. Together, we pushed through this year and kept walking the path during a surprising storm. I believe the human spirit – and the drive to drive – will prevail over everything and anything that comes our way.  Passion in life will always bring you out the other end, stronger than ever.
From all of us at Pfaff Reserve and Pfaff Tuning,  I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for you and yours in 2021.