Mercedes-McLaren SLR

Sport Leicht Rennsport.

Mercedes-Benz and McLaren's one and only road car effort.

The SLR first appeared in the mid-2000s as one of the Holy Trinities of the era.  Its approach to motoring comprised of the signature grand touring, big power, and front engine configuration of a Mercedes-Benz, executed with the principles of a Formula 1 constructor McLaren. 

Simply put, one of the most contrasting hypercars ever built by one of the most contrasting partnerships in motoring history. 

Pfaff Reserve has been the custodian of SLR since 2015; specializing in both collector grade and driver condition examples. Preservation, sales, consignment, and enhancement are the 4 legs of our program.   This includes exclusive upgrades from McLaren Special Operations(MSO). 

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