The best-looking air cooled 911? Yeah, yeah. yeah, we know the majority leaves that legendary status for the 993. But, although we are 993 lovers, there is something a little more special looking about the 964. Let me explain.

As the 80’s came to a close, the G-bodies’ impact bumpers and accordions had hit their best-before date, along with the meter-long stick shifter and other aging visuals. It was time for another major redress on the 911.

In the mid-80’s the 959 had given us a glimpse of the future - we saw the high mounted center console, we saw body-colored molded bumper covers and sculpted side rockers. Basically, less black and more body colour.

All this is thanks to Benjamin Dimpson. The Filipino born designer had started with the 959 and added touches to the 944, 924, 928 and then a complete rework on the 964. He finished his work at Porsche in 1989 before moving on to Mercedes-Benz.

From there, the engineers at Porsche went to work with an extensive revamp. Under the skin, the flat-six would grow to 3.6 litres and would gain twin plug ignition. The front and rear suspension finally received coilover suspension, while still retaining the rear trailing arms. An advanced all-wheel-drive system was added, developed off the 959, and, finally, active aero. The performance figures for the 1989 C4 were impressive, to say the least. 13.3 is what Motorweek achieved in the quarter-mile, and a top speed north of 160mph. Pretty impressive for the 247-hp mill.

Today, the 964 has a serious cult following, there is something so satisfying about them. So much so that even companies like Singer Vehicle Design uses them specifically for the base of their vintage builds and even their new DLS. When speaking to founder Rob Dickinson, he was adamant about the 964’s ideal blend of new and old made it the perfect basis for their work.  

Even before we became a Singer agent, we had built our first car. Project 964 was completed back in 2014. Based off a 1990 C2,  we went all the way through with a full new interior, half cage, complete down-to-metal repaint, fully rebuilt engine with all the uppers done, and then a solid set of H&R suspension and rolling stock from Rotiform.  I managed to dig up a few old pics. Please ignore my red Carrera sunglasses...

As the years rolled on, our commitment to air-cooled has grown significantly. The value of the cars continues to grow, and so better support was needed to keep them up. Today, we continue to build on a reputation for building some great air-cooled road cars, specifically in the 964/993 region.

Today, this has become an internal thing. Our team is currently building two cars: a red C2 RS tribute which will be built with track work in mind, and a green 1989 C4 Touring. Both very specialized in their own right, and both commissioned by Sales Manager Edward Wang.  

We’ve helped improve, build, and commission many 964 and 993 projects. Basically, the entire staff out of 101 (Pfaff Reserve/Tuning) is embedded in it, and our entire shop is embedded in it.  

This past Friday, we had our latest build shot along with my personal 1989 C4 and Ed’s 1991 Turbo.  

Our latest build is also a 1991 Turbo, which we sourced earlier this year. A two-owner 34k-km gem finished in Metallic Black over Black Sport Seat interior. 
Working with such a nice car, we obviously didn’t need too much, but a beautiful update with reproduction Speedlines by RH with color-coded centres, H&R suspension, muffler bypass and full service means it looks and drives great. The look oozes Porsche Special Wishes of the 80’s and 90’s; our typical style is OEM-plus as there is so much to pluck from the Porsche parts bin with your vision.

We look forward to the release of our two latest cars this coming spring. Are you a Track or are you Touring? In the meantime enjoy some of these snaps from Friday. They still give us all goosebumps.