Who has McLarens in Toronto?

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Let’s take a look at some features of a McLaren 600LT

The 600LT is fun to drive

Making a fast car isn’t hard to do, if you’re an automaker; there’s almost always more power to be found if you’re willing to spend a little time and a little money. Making a car that’s fun…well, that’s another story. Especially if it’s also fast, counterintuitively; when a car is designed to excel at high speeds, it can be tough to make sure it’s involving at lower ones. But McLaren made it happen with the 600LT, delivering a car that’s as enjoyable at five over the speed limit as it is at 100 over.

The 600LT is designed for the racing enthusiast

For the 600LT it’s simple. A focus on pure driving exhilaration. Nothing more. From the top-exit exhausts to the race car-inspired carbon fibre bodywork, we have pushed the boundaries to set a new sportscar benchmark. Inspired by the renowned 675LT and its iconic ‘Longtail’ racing predecessor, the 600LT is the most extreme incarnation of the McLaren Sports Series. One built to excel on roads and race circuits, to take driver engagement and excitement to the absolute maximum.

The 600LT is lightweight

Extreme weight reductions are found across 600LT. Take the Carbon Fibre Racing Seats. First seen on the P1 and subsequently used on the 675LT, the total weight saving is a remarkable 21kg. To further reduce weight the 600LT utilises lightweight Alcantara extensively throughout its cabin. It also does not feature carpet in the footwells or beneath the seats. And there is no air conditioning, audio or navigation system (though these are non-cost options should the customer wish). A thinner windscreen and rear bulkhead screen proves even the glazing has not escaped forensic attention of our engineering team.

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